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Laruku Fanfiction!!!

the best fanfic community for laruku!

A L'Arc~en~Ciel FanFiction Community
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Hey one and all, and welcome to a Laruku Fan Fiction Community! This community is for, well, posting your fanfiction of L'Arc~en~Ciel. L'Arc is a famous Japanese band who have many hits such as Ready Steady Go, Dive to Blue, New World, and such.

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I don't have many rules, but there are some basics: ♥

1.Obviously, don't bash L'Arc. We're all fans here who love these guys enough to write fanfiction, so...

2.All fics must be rated R and under!

3.Post your chapters under an LJ-Cut.

4.For each new story, follow the template here:

Title of story here!


A summary

Characters involved

Any other info we should know.

5.No putting other members down, or acting like 5 year olds! That's just totally unessessary!

6.And, lastly, ENJOY! Make sure to comment on other people's writing, it makes them feel all special inside :)

Also remember to LOCK your posts with the fanfiction!

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